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Carol manages to capture nature’s true colour and texture like nobody else. Not only does she see layers of detail that most would fail to notice, with a forensic eye she creates an image of nature that gives the viewer a sensory experience beyond ... continue readingvisual. Carol began her interest in photography from a young age and went on to study both photography and printmaking in Wirral. However, she has always preferred the more experimental language of photography and the less explored niche that lies somewhere between photography and abstract art. She likes to look closely at textures most wouldn’t give a second thought to and can take hundreds of images for only one to come out in the exact way she wants. She takes her inspiration from nature and the varying colours it offers. Her aim is to find a subtle landscape within; drawing in the viewer to create their own organic image from what they see and to capture a fleeting, tantalising visual snapshot of a nostalgic memory she hopes may resonate somewhere in her viewers’ mind’s eye. (show less)