Millennium Bridge Reference: 10706

Millennium Bridge  by Rachael Dalzell

© Copyright of Rachael Dalzell 2018

Artist: Rachael Dalzell (View Portfolio)

Rachael Dalzell studied fine art painting and drawing at the Wimbledon School of Art and continued to develop her drawing technique at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid as part of the European Erasmus programme. Her art is often inspired by water... continue reading as it interacts both with coastlines and cityscapes, as well as by projects to depict the Himalayan mountain scenery of Ladakh and the volcanoes and glaciers of Iceland. Rachael works with oil and acrylics on large canvases, and charcoal or ink on paper. Across all her mediums she maintains a freedom of application that captures the beauty of light on scenery with the utmost delicacy. They are as much about mood as they are of place. Paintings and drawings by Rachael are currently hanging in the US Embassy in Dublin, at the headquarters of the Clerical Medical corporation and in the foyer of the Medical Council of Ireland. She has previously been nominated for the Boundary Figurative Art Prize and is held in the collections of many private individuals. Dalzell’s work is shown regularly at international art fairs and in exhibitions across the world. (show less)

Media Surface Size
Arcylic Canvas (W) 200 x (H) 120 cm