Pretty Flowers Reference: 15680

Pretty Flowers by Ewa Czarniecka

© Copyright of Ewa Czarniecka 2018

Artist: Ewa Czarniecka (View Portfolio)

Ewa is attracted to the atmosphere and the vibrancy of large cities; the bright lights, noise and the vitality. Her paintings explore the way that light falls in a city, how it casts shadows and reflections, how it pierces the darkness. She enjoys pa... continue readinginting streets, markets, and cafes, observing how people behave and interact before painting them in stillness or in frantic motion. Born 1975 in East Poland, Eva began her education at the Institute of Fine Art in Czestochowa. Two years later she decided to change her university and moved to Lublin to continue her artistic education at the Marie Curie Skladowska University. In 2002 she moved to London and has focused on producing paintings which create the illusion of different atmospheres and moods in urban landscapes (show less)

Media Surface Size
Oil Canvas

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