Cuernos del Paine, Chile Reference: 16334

Cuernos del Paine, Chile by Ignacio Palacios

© Copyright of Ignacio Palacios 2018

Artist: Ignacio Palacios (View Portfolio)

Ignacio is a freelance travel and nature photographer from Spain who has had the privilege of travelling to some of the most spectacular locations around the world. In the process of collecting an extensive portfolio he has travelled to over seventy ... continue readingcountries across five continents. For Ignacio, travelling is a lifelong passion for seeking adventure, discovering new places and being exposed to new experiences. His curiosity has compelled him to travel in order to seek the next horizon or to capture people immersed in their native culture. Every trip enriches his vision of the world and changes his perspective. The ability to excite and build awareness about our fragile environment and human rights issues is all part of Ignacio's ambition. Like many other photographers, what began as a hobby has finally turned into a profession. It all started back in 1998 when I went travelling to North America, this amazing experience changed his life forever but it wasn't till his second trip around the Middle East that he realized his calling. Ignacio's amazing images are a wonder to behold and he captures aspects of nature that never fail to inspire the viewer (show less)