Decay Series I Reference: 12494

Decay Series I  by Markus Studtmann

© Copyright of Markus Studtmann 2018

Artist: Markus Studtmann (View Portfolio)

Markus is a fine art photographer and psychologist living and working in Berlin. His photography is of unparalleled creativity and his passion for both the beauty of modern and abandoned architectural structures is evident within his work. Mar... continue readingkus' attention to detail is spectacular and he captures the surreal and abstract world that passes us by on a daily basis. He's always looking for the geometric essence and the underlying moods of buildings and sceneries. His techniques involve the decomposition and recreation of scenes, resulting in images that include real elements as well as artistic imaginations. His excursions in nature photography are characterised by an abstractionist view of the world and often resemble paintings more than photographs. (show less)