Monarch’s Banquet Reference: 15192

Monarch’s Banquet by Joseph Alexander Goode

© Copyright of Joseph Alexander Goode 2018

Artist: Joseph Alexander Goode (View Portfolio)

Joseph Alexander Goode is one of East London’s most enigmatic artists, with a flair for eccentricity and a mischievous outlook on life. With his devilish vista and a reputation that proceeds him, Joseph encapsulates his untamed eye using the ornate... continue reading beauty of all that is vintage. He will take you on a Victorian acid trip, although some of his work could well have been created using something far stronger. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, as well as the centuries of craftsmen and artists who have strived to make the mundane magical, he explains, 'I’ve tried to explore the deep & complex essence of what we find visually appealing, which nobody fully understands, and so it’s important for me to try to push the boundaries of how we define beauty. Any depth and meaning in my work is only intended to work on a primal level. I’m not trying to make people think anything in particular. Joseph's work is a combination of immense detail and colour and takes you on a journey into his amazing imagination, a journey like no other. Ultimately he wants the viewer to get excited and get lost in a beautiful and inspiring new place. Joseph now resides in his studio home in Hackney, London and continues to create wonderful and original creations. (show less)