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Johnny Cash 2 by Barry Plummer

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Artist: Barry Plummer (View Portfolio)

After essential hands on experience working for a photographic studio Barry became a full time freelance photographer working specifically in the vibrant music business. The next few years took him on a journey through the teen idol era and gave him... continue reading exposure to the likes of the Osmonds, Jackson 5 and glam bands Sweet, Slade, David Cassidy and Marc Bolan. His big break came in 1975 when asked to become Melody Makers' Photographer, coinciding with the explosion of Punk Music. Since then on, Barry has had a multitude of world renowned artists and bands in front of his lenses. Some of these icons include Paul McCartney, Sex Pistols, Queen, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zepplien, Bob Marley and Bob Dylon to name just a few. Barry's timeless and mostly previously unpublished pictures, capture these stars as never seen before. After several decades of being confined to the reel of a film, we are privileged to be able to market and produce the best of Barry's photography to a wider audience. (show less)