Nigella (2976) Reference: 10923

Nigella (2976) by Andy Small

© Copyright of Andy Small 2018

Artist: Andy Small (View Portfolio)

Andy is an exceptional fine art photographer specializing in macro floral imagery. He is recognized as being one of the most established, original and influential photographers within his field and this is illustrated in his role as a RHS tutor and t... continue readinghe numerous publications that have used his images. Andy believes that the macro lens is like a window that transports him into another world. In this place he observes details, shapes and patterns that are not usually seen even though most of the subjects are there to behold. In 2009, Andy was a prize winner at the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition, just one of a number of highly valued accolades that have been attributed to his work. Because of his floral subject matter, he regularly exhibits his work at stands at RHS flower shows including Chelsea and Hampton Court (show less)