Seascape III Reference: 18039

Seascape III by Lee Frost

© Copyright of Lee Frost 2018

Artist: Lee Frost (View Portfolio)

Lee Frost is one of the UK’s best-known landscape and travel photographers and one of the world’s best-selling photography authors. His introduction to photography came in the form of a brick-like Soviet Zenith 35mm SLR and very quickly he realis... continue readinged that he had discovered his vocation. While still a teenager his work started to appear in the UK photographic press and, as if that wasn’t reward enough, he even got paid for it. Realising that if he could repeat this process often enough, his ambition of not really working for a living might actually become a reality, he started taking more photographs. Lee has now travelled extensively throughout his illustrious career and has forged a unique and instantly recognizable style. Some of his most iconic images are from his visits to Cuba where his photos encapsulate the raw nature of Havana's streets in all their glory. (show less)