Vivid Erosion Reference: 12350

Vivid Erosion  by Michael Hunter

© Copyright of Michael Hunter 2018

Artist: Michael Hunter (View Portfolio)

After studying A level art at Blackpool, Michael furthered his creative interest at The Cumbria college of art and design where he achieved a degree in Fine Art. He was influenced by the countryside that surrounded me and had a keen enthusiasm to ge... continue readingt out with my sketch book and camera to use as reference for larger landscape drawings and paintings. His style changed dramatically over the years from traditional art to a semi abstract expressionist style of landscape painting, influenced in part by the likes of David Bomberg. Michael feels he has finally found harmony with total abstraction which is where he feels most comfortable. Abstract art for him has no limits or boundaries and just gets more enjoyable every time a new piece is created. His inspiration comes in many forms, it may be the colours within a pile of autumn leaves or just being free spirited that enables him to get in the creative zone. (show less)

Size Limited Edition
(W) 47 x (H) 47 cm Limited edition 1/50