Arlington Square Morgan Lovell

Responding to a client’s brief for an exclusive artwork to adorn the reception area of their newly refurbished corporate premises, ArtVogue took on the challenge with creative flair. Our solution was a bespoke triptych picture, meticulously designed to fit the available space and to harmonize with the area’s aesthetics. For this purpose, we chose one of Joas Souza’s captivating “King’s Cross” images, known for its dynamic and vibrant qualities. This particular piece was selected for its ability to complement the modern and lively lighting used throughout the building, thus enhancing the overall visual appeal and welcoming ambiance of the corporate reception area.

Modern Elegance: Bespoke Triptych of Joas Souza’s ‘King’s Cross’ for a Corporate Reception

The client’s brief was to produce and install a unique picture to compliment the reception area of one of their newly refurbished corporate premises. We created a bespoke triptych picture to work within the space available using one of Joas Souza’s “King’s Cross” images. This was perfectly suited to compliment the vibrancy of the modern lighting used throughout their building.

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