Brewery Wharf

In the heart of Twickenham, we had the opportunity to enhance a large residential complex with a unique curation of themed artwork. Our brief was to select and supply an array of art pieces that encapsulate iconic rugby moments, local imagery, and stunning architectural photography, reflecting the vibrant spirit and rich history of the area. The project took an exciting turn with the adornment of the lobby areas in the individual developments, where we proudly showcased the work of renowned National Geographic photographer Alex Saberi, featuring his iconic Richmond Park series. This installation not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of the complex but also celebrates the local heritage and natural beauty of the region.

Twickenham’s Artistic Tribute: Blending Rugby, Local Essence, and Natural Beauty

Large residential complex in the centre of Twickenham. The brief was to curate and supply a number of themed art pieces from iconic rugby moments, local imagery and architectural photography. The lobby areas to the individual developments have been graced with some of National Geographic photographer Alex Saberi’s, featuring his iconic Richmond park series.

Artwork throughout new development for St James, celebrating Twickenham and local heritage. Book a call today to discover why ArtVogue is the only choice for your business.