Caldecott Business Park Spratley Architects

In a creative collaboration with Spratley Architects, ArtVogue embarked on a project to redefine the aesthetic of a main lobby area, harnessing the captivating architectural images by Joas Souza. We crafted a series of bespoke triptych frames, each meticulously designed to bring a unique and contemporary edge to the space. The intricate nature and exquisite detail in Joas Souza’s photography perfectly complement the high-specification interior of the lobby. These images were carefully selected not only for their stunning visual appeal but also for their suitability in a high-traffic reception area, ensuring that they resonate with the architectural ethos and functional elegance of the space.

Architectural Elegance: Joas Souza’s Imagery in Bespoke Triptych Frames for Spratley Architects

Using Joas Souza’s stunning architectural images, we produced a series of bespoke triptych frames in order to create a unique and contemporary look on behalf of Spratley Architects. The nature and detail within Joas’ images complient the high spec interior that has been applied to the main lobby area and the look and feel of his imagery is a perfect match for this high traffic reception area.

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