Chaplewood Retirement Village

ArtVogue recently embarked on one of our most ambitious projects, at a high-end retirement village nestled in the serene surroundings of Wilmslow. Home to over 80 apartments, this project challenged us to create a series of themed artworks that would bring uniqueness and prestige to the communal areas. Our commitment involved producing more than 100 pieces of art, ranging from commissioned originals and limited edition prints to photography, each meticulously finished and framed to complement the diverse colour schemes of the village. The installation phase coincided with the final stages of construction and the imminent arrival of residents, requiring us to work with utmost sensitivity and precision to meet the grand opening deadline. This project stands as a testament to our ability to combine artistic vision with practical execution in a residential setting.

Artistic Elegance in Wilmslow: Crafting Unique Themes for a Prestigious Retirement Village

One of our largest projects to date. This high end retirement village in the heart of leafy Wilmslow boasts over 80 apartments. The client wanted to create themed artwork throughout the communal areas with each area unique and prestigious. We produced over 100 pieces of artwork including commissioned originals, limited edition prints and photography, each piece finished and framed to suit the various colour schemes. The installation was complex with the construction of the building coming to a close and residents ready to move in, we had to install with a degree of sensitivity and within the deadline of the grand opening.

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