Eagle View Care Home

At ArtVogue, we undertook the sensitive task of curating artwork for one of Minster’s dementia homes, a project that demanded both compassion and creativity. Our aim was to create an environment that resonates with the residents, blending nostalgia with contemporary vibrancy. The collection ranged from nostalgic pieces that evoke memories and comfort to more vibrant and contemporary artworks, adding a dynamic touch to the home. Understanding the special needs of this environment, we ensured that all artworks were finished with acrylic glaze and fitted with security brackets for safety. This careful selection and installation process reflects our dedication to enhancing the living spaces in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and considerate of the residents’ wellbeing.

Blending Memories and Modernity: Curated Art for Minster’s Dementia Homes

Carefully curated artwork to cater for one of Minster’s many dementia homes. We installed a mixture of Nostalgic collections through to more Vibrant contemporary artwork. All our pictures within these sectors require acrylic glaze and security brackets for safety reasons.

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