Fasken Martineau

Fasken Martineau, in their quest to enhance the aesthetic of their boardroom, turned to ArtVogue for a distinctive and high-value original painting. Recognising the esteemed reputation of artist Peter Hill, we curated a selection of his most exquisite works. Among these, “5 Golden Trees” emerged as not only available but also a perfect match for the desired setting. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to bringing together corporate spaces and distinguished art, ensuring that each piece selected not only complements the space but also embodies the prestige and sophistication of the environment it graces.

Boardroom Prestige: Fasken Martineau Acquires Peter Hill’s ‘5 Golden Trees

Fasken Martineau engaged with ArtVogue in pursuit of purchasing a high value original painting to take pride of place in their boardroom. Knowing Peter Hill’s prestigious reputation we curated a number of his finest pieces and were lucky enough that “5 Golden Trees” was available and a perfect fit for their setting.

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