Henry’s Kitchen Restaurant

At ArtVogue, we recently embarked on a thrilling project for a restaurant group, tasked with transforming a stairwell into a mesmerising visual masterpiece. Our designers rose to the challenge, crafting a bespoke creation that perfectly complemented the designated area within the restaurant. Utilising the ultra-urban underground imagery of Aaron Yeoman, we created an installation that not only captivated the client but also became a standout feature of the establishment. This project stands as one of our most exceptional and exhilarating undertakings to date, continuing to serve as a significant focal point within the restaurant.

Transforming Spaces: The Artistic Revolution of a Restaurant Stairwell

With a brief to create maximum impact for a restaurant group’s stairwell, our designers achieved an incredible visual that was a bespoke creation for a designated area within the restaurant. Using one of Aaron Yeoman’s ultra urban underground image, the client was exceptionally happy with the overall effect of the installation and visual. This has been one of most outstanding and exciting projects to date and the still has maintains a huge focal point within their restaurant.

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