Hilton Bar & Restaurant

Super sized artwork installation for Central London Hilton Hotel’s bar & restaurant area. This hotel always strived for quirky and impactful artwork and this installation was no different. In addition to a number of limited edition prints by the brilliant Joseph Alexander Goode, we produced an over-sized fabric print of Assaf Frank’s London night scene. Finished within a lightweight tension system this enabled prints to be interchangeable for future installations.

Fabric Tension System – Large & Versatile 

Fabric tension systems are a great way to maximise the impact of an art installation, this allows you to produce artwork panels up to 3m by 20m if the area allows it. Once the tension system is fitted, the only requirement for changing the printed artwork is to use another fabric print which can be easily delivered and slotted into place within the track.

Large Scale artwork for Hilton Bar & Restaurant. Book a call today to discover why ArtVogue is the only choice for your business.