Holly House Private Hospital

At ArtVogue, we are proud to announce the successful completion of the first two phases of a significant project for Holly House Private Hospital, in collaboration with Aspen Healthcare. This extensive initiative involved comprehensive consultations with the client to develop themed artwork, designed to enhance various spaces within the hospital – including corridors, waiting areas, and consultation rooms. Some artworks are over 2 metres long, spanning the lengths of adjoining corridors, adding a vibrant touch to the hospital environment. Given the functional requirements of the hospital, our focus has been on ensuring the artwork is easily cleanable; flush-fitted acrylic prints have been the perfect solution. As we gear up for the next phases, we’re excited to bring our creative vision to the private wards and additional corridors, employing wallpaper applications for an even greater visual impact.

Transforming Holly House: Artistic Enhancements in Healthcare Spaces

We have completed the 1st and 2nd phases of a large project for Holly House private hospital on behalf of Aspen Healhcare. These initial installation involved lengthy consultations with the client in order to create themed artwork to adorn the walls of a number of corridors, waiting and consultation rooms. Some of the corridor pictures have been produced at over 2m long and span the length of the walls in adjoining areas of the hospital. Due to the nature of the building’s functionality, we have had to ensure that the pictures can be easily cleaned and flush fitted acrylic prints answer that requirement. The next phases will require us to start on some of the private wards and additional corridors giving us the opportunity to use a wallpaper application for maximum impact.

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