Oxfordshire Hotel

At ArtVogue we strive to create the bespoke solution, enabling us to produce that one off unique collection of art is our perfect brief. This project embodied all of those elements and celebrated the history and heritage of the hotel itself as well as the surrounding areas. Getting the balance of colour, subject and composition is key to creating a well proportioned gallery wall. The added ingredient to enhance and compliment are the frames themselves, finding the right frames to suit each individual piece as well as working as a collective is also essential part of the process.

The right frames for the right piece of art. 

Of course the main event is the artwork but framing to compliment the centre piece is an essential ingredient. When it comes to a multitude of frames for something like a gallery wall, they have to play off each other, the right colour, thickness and texture form the qualities needed to create that desired visual impression.

Bespoke gallery wall for Oxfordshire Hotel. Book a call today to discover why ArtVogue is the only choice for your business.