Kingfisher Care Home

In a significant project for one of Minster Care Group’s largest residential homes, ArtVogue was tasked with bringing a touch of luxury and bespoke elegance. Our commitment to excellence was reflected in the selection of premium frames and finishes, tailored to enhance the ambiance of this esteemed residence. As with all our collaborations with Minster, this project was marked by our dedication to creating a wide array of bespoke artwork. We focused on historic and geographically relevant collections, aiming to connect the residents with art that resonates with both the local heritage and the wider world. This careful curation is a testament to our ethos of blending art with purpose and place.

Premium Framing and Bespoke Art: Elevating Minster Care Group’s Residential Home

One of Minster Care Group’s largest residential homes required some of our more premium frames and finishes. Like all our projects with Minster, ArtVogue produced a wide selection of bespoke artwork focusing on historic and geographically relevant collections.

Large project for Newcastle Care Home on behalf of Minster Group. Book a call today to discover why ArtVogue is the only choice for your business.