Large Private residents – Consero

This newly refurbished mega house was grand on every level and the brief was equally as grand. With a requirement for customised original paintings in every room, we commissioned a number of different artists which ensured we had individual styles and techniques applied to each piece. For two of the bedrooms we commissioned an artist to produce framed butterfly sculptures specific to the colour schemes. The main lounge had the most exciting of briefs, to create and install an over-sized piece of art to work within a bespoke joinery display that was marble cladded and with halo illumination.

Statement Art at it’s biggest.

The Lounge piece was the largest customised painting we’ve produced to date, being 2m x 2.5m in size. This commissioned piece was so texture heavy, that we actually had to use a wood base rather than canvas due to the weight of the layers of oil paint. To finish such a statement piece we framed it using 3 different mouldings to create the depth required and used museum standard non-reflective glass to ensure uninterrupted viewing pleasure for the beholder.

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