Savills London Head Offices

For our client, we embarked on an artistic journey, curating a series of projects that harmoniously blended Londonesque and Country style artwork. Our goal was to strike the perfect balance between the professionalism of a work environment and the tranquility of a calming backdrop. To achieve this, we chose slim-line metal frames accompanied by pin-stripe mounts, meticulously selected to enhance the artworks’ aesthetic appeal. This combination not only added a premium look and feel to the pieces but also seamlessly integrated them into the diverse atmospheres of the client’s spaces, making each artwork a statement of elegance and sophistication.

Londonesque Meets Country: Curating Artwork for a Balanced Work Environment

We produced a number of projects for this client curating Londonesque & Country style artwork to create the right balance between a work environment and a more calming backdrop. We’ve used a slim-line metal frame with pin-stripe mounts to add a real premium look and feel.

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