Luxurious London Apartment

In a project that epitomises bespoke luxury, ArtVogue took on the thrilling challenge of creating customised, large-scale original paintings for a lavish London apartment. Each piece of art was meticulously painted to order, allowing us to precisely match the specific colour schemes of the apartment’s sophisticated decor. The project was brought to its pinnacle of elegance with the artwork being set in premium floating frames, enhancing the opulent feel of the space. This venture was not just about adding art to walls; it was about infusing the residence with personalised, artistic grandeur.

Custom Elegance: Large Scale Originals for a Luxurious London Apartment

We were excited to create customised and large scale original paintings for this luxurious London apartment. All the artwork was painted to order allowing us to work within specific colour schemes and finished in some premium floating frames.

Stunning Central London apartment on behalf of Patsy Blunt Interiors . Book a call today to discover why ArtVogue is the only choice for your business.