One Bayshill Retirement Complex – Cheltenham

Set in the affluent town of Cheltenham, this impressive retirement complex is a completely refurbished grade II listed building. The artwork therefore had to be balanced between being contemporary and in-keeping with the grandeur of this Georgian house. With over 50 apartments, spa, gymnasium and restaurants there was plenty of wall space to be creative with and in some areas we produced multi-panel art installation to maximise the visual impact. With a budget to match the building, we were able to commission several original paintings, all customised to specific colour schemes, in addition to limited edition prints.

Commissioned Photography: Capturing the unique.

ArtVogue commissioned photographers to capture the numerous iconic buildings that adorn Cheltenham, some of these transferred beautifully into multi-panelled art installations. With large corridor spaces and high ceilings, this was the perfect solution to ensure unique and aesthetic pieces of art.

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