Norwich Savills Offices

A fantastic newly refurbished Savills office in Norwich offered exciting and unique opportunities when it came to the artwork. With a large open main office space and a number of private meeting rooms, there was amble scope for exciting and engaging focus points. As a city with historic interest and the tranquil and scenic surrounding Norfolk broads, the subject matter was plentiful. The client was very understanding that limitations on budget often brought limitation on end results and therefore didn’t hesitate to strive for the most effective solutions.

Flying High – Commissioned aerial photography.

Making your setting unique sometimes requires a little extravagance. To bring about that one-of-a-kind solution, we commissioned a specialist aerial photographer to photography Norwich and the surrounding areas. Drone shots have their limitations so this was a specially commissioned shoot from a plane, maximising the vantage point and quality.

Norwich Savills Office with commissioned Aerial Photography. Book a call today to discover why ArtVogue is the only choice for your business.