Shockerwick House – Manor House

Nestled just outside the historic city of Bath, Shockerwick House stands as a breathtaking Grade II listed building, rich in heritage and elegance. In curating artwork for such a distinguished location, our approach at ArtVogue was one of meticulous care and respect for its historical significance. We carefully selected traditional ornate gold frames that complemented the building’s grandeur, while sourcing a collection of historical illustrations and images that reflect the essence of Bath and its surrounding areas. This thoughtful blend of art and history has been instrumental in enhancing the majestic charm of Shockerwick House.

Artistic Elegance Meets History: Curating Timeless Art for Shockerwick House

Shockerwick House is a stunning grade II listed building set just outside of Bath and therefore required careful consideration when it came to curating their artwork. We used traditional ornate gold frames ensuring they were in-keeping with the building and sourced a collection of historical illustrations and images from Bath and the surrounding area.

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