Smithfield Square

ArtVogue is proud to showcase one of our most extensive projects to date, completed for the Berkeley Group at Smithfield Square. This prestigious development, housing over 450 apartments, presented us with the unique challenge of enhancing a vast array of spaces with art. Our team carefully selected and installed an array of artworks throughout the complex, including striking oversized pictures for key areas like the concierge and gymnasium. Each piece, whether it was a themed concept or commissioned artwork, was chosen to infuse a unique and homely ambiance, all the while using high-spec materials to complement the development’s sophisticated internal architecture. This project highlights our commitment to marrying artistic expression with architectural elegance.

Artistic Elegance in Smithfield Square: Bespoke Art for Berkeley Group’s Prestigious Development

One of our largest projects for the Berkeley Group. Smithfield Square is a prestigious development with over 450 apartments. We installed artwork throughout the complex including oversized pictures for the concierge and gymnasium. All themed concepts or commissioned artwork to apply a unique and homely feel, using high spec materials to match the internal architecture.

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