The Trafalgar Hilton Hotel

In a remarkable collaboration with the marketing manager, ArtVogue embarked on an innovative art installation project at the flagship Hilton hotel. This project encompassed a diverse range of art pieces, from a billboard-sized London cityscape to large-scale contravision window graphics. The result was a stunning visual experience that seamlessly complemented the hotel’s sophisticated aesthetic. Featuring high-resolution images from Assaf Frank, we produced oversized prints that became the centrepiece of the hotel’s prominent bar area, enhancing its vibrant and contemporary atmosphere. Additionally, the inclusion of Joseph Alexander Goode’s sensational illustrations has captivated guests, becoming a significant highlight and a harmonious extension of the hotel’s decor.

Innovative Artistry at the Flagship Hilton: Blending Cityscapes and Contemporary Visions

Working closely with the marketing manager we installed a series of highly innovative art pieces. This installation ranged from a billboard size London cityscape through to large scale contravision window graphic, the finish was stunning and in keeping with the look and feel of this flagship Hilton hotel. Assaf Frank’s high resolution images allowed us to produced oversized prints to fit within their prolific bar area and it was essential to maintain a vibrant and contemporary look. The use of Joseph Alexander Goode’s sensational illustrations have been a major talking point for the guests and has been a highly complementary addition to their decor.

Exciting art installation at one of the Hilton’s most Premium locations in Trafalgar Square. Book a call today to discover why ArtVogue is the only choice for your business.